VAT Campaign

Interactive PDFs

I helped Access with a project to help showcase their VAT campaign in a visually capturing way, while still being accessible across the different digital platforms.

I created a set of interactive PDFs that were used along with social media campaigns for each as they were released.


Bespoke illustration, layout design, Interactive PDF creation, Social media banners

I used an isometric style as it allowed me to show a great deal of detail in a 2D format. It also meant the visuals were more impactful which gave greater weight to the content.

Access would usually include stock imagery in these kinds of campaigns. However, with the content being complex and information heavy. I talked them through the advantages of using a clean, impactful illustrative approach. We could tailor the visuals to exactly what was needed, while adding lighter fun elements to them… something you simply can’t do with a generic stock image.

“Very simply, we love it!

Clean, simple, no boxes, no stock photography but brilliant custom illustrations 🙂 Love all the colours too, particularly the coral. Oh and really like the dot shadow makes it 3D but is a nicer look than a normal shadow.”

Karl Russell The Access Group