Skeleton is a video production company and full-service video agency, helping businesses & brands to achieve more with video.

Client: Skeleton Productions
Services: Design, Art Direction, User Experience, Branding


Video production company Skeleton needed help defining their approach and brand, distinguishing themselves from their competitors and attracting more high-profile clients. Their old visual identity was outdated and didn’t
reflect the quality of their work.


Identity, Stationery, Guidelines, Website, Reveal animation, Theme graphics, Social graphics, Credentials, Sales guides, Presentation template, Exterior graphics

The solution

The ident uses gradients to show the movement and energy of the business and the sharp angles create a sense of decisiveness and precise execution. The negative space within the ident also creates a play button which symbolises the video aspect of the business as well as giving a nod back to their previous logo.

This then sits within the word marque as a whole taking the place of the ‘O’. Shading the last letter of the word marque magenta we can create the word ‘ON’ helping symbolise the digital and forward-thinking nature of the company.


We delivered a new brand identity and guidelines that continue to grow and develop with the company. The rebrand has helped Skeleton emerge from the competition’s sea of corporate play buttons and improved customer perception of and confidence in the brand.

“Ben is one of those people who was born with it and spent X years in the big agency world refining it. Which mean he nails it creatively, quickly and, ultimately, makes us look awesome!”

Jonathan English Managing Director at Skeleton